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    Having an entrepreneurial spirit,

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BRANDON YOUNGBLOOD is a Web Developer and UX Designer.

I create beautiful and engaging designs for web, email and print.

As a designer with over 15 years of experience, I have been able to grow and adapt to several platforms. My passion is graphic and web design, but I also have an abundance of knowledge in online marketing, e-mail strategies and social media advertising. From responsive design, to A|B testing, you are not only getting a designer with passion and experience, but a leader who knows the industry as well.


Beautiful designs on the web

With 15 years of industry experience, I can take your vision and give you the presence on the web you need to help your business grow. Everyone in this industry knows the importance of user experience, and I can take you from a simple wire frame, to a functional design that allows you to test elements across desktop platforms, as well as social networking integration.

Brand & Corporate Identity

For me, it all starts with graphic design. From logo and print design, to web banners and promotional materials, I assure you that I can keep your brand looking both consistent and fresh.

Marketing Strategies

This is what really separates me from the rest of the pack. I not only try to keep up with what's hot in both web and graphic design, but I understand the importance of marketing as well. With over 15 years of experience in personalized marketing techniques and marketing automation software, I can design and send out targeted e-blasts, along with powerful landing pages.



What my references say

Knowing Brandon since he was a student, professionally, I can say he has grown tremendously. He has worked on several smaller business ventures with us, which show how diverse he can be at times.

Brandon has an amazingly easy and friendly personality. Our clients loved him, as did his coworkers. I have always felt Brandon was an innovator. He likes to stay ahead of the curve, and seems to be fully cognizant of what the next great innovation will be.

Having known Brandon professionally since 2006, I can firmly he has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. He is diligent in his work ethic and easy to talk to. Even when I thought I was set on an idea, his proposal to think outside the box really helped in my success as a real estate agent.

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